Our Process

A fast, transparent and fair process to sell your brand to Searchful.

The Process

1: Introduce yourself & your website

At the first stage we will ask some basic questions about your site and get a rough idea of traffic and earnings. You don’t have to give too much detail at this stage, but we will need enough to decide if we are interested.

2: Non-disclosure agreement

If we are still interested in your site after stage 1, we will want to look at your data in more detail. To do this we will enter in to an NDA so your data is safe and can not shared with any third party.

3: Analyzing your data

After the NDA has been signed we will ask for more financial data and permissions to read your Google Analytics and Search Console data.

4: We make an offer

Based on the information and data you have provided we will send you a letter of intent with a cash offer and the next steps.

5: Legal documents

If you accept our offer we start drafting the Purchase Agreement, which dictate the terms and conditions under which we buy your website.

6: Escrow Deposit

After the legal documents have been signed by both parties we will deposit the full amount in to a Escrow service ready for the transfer of assets.

7: Transfer of assets

After the money has been secured in Escrow we will work with you to get all the agreed assets transfered over to us. This is usually done in milestones and part payment is released after each milestone.

8: Funds released

With all assets transfered we release the final milestone payment to you which concludes the sale. At this point, you can open the bottle of Champagne and celebrate!

Ready To Sell?